This New NFL Rule STINKS!

So let the Lil’ Dogg get this one straight here folks:

The NFL who STILL CAN’T AGREE ON WHAT A CATCH IS will be punting that whole issue even though it’s ya know just a fundamental bedrock of the sport and will instead mess around with kickoffs…AGAIN!

It’s bad enough that the overtime rules change every time Jerry Jones wets his diaper but for all that is holy please stop destroying the kickoff.

You want to make games more competitive? Great. Awesome. Wonderful. Start by figuring out the rules that are already in place like the aforementioned catch or pass interference or a bazillion other things that make the NFL an utter snooze fest.

You know what’s not boring? ONSIDE KICKS!!!!! A team getting the ball back on an onside kick is basically second to only the Hail Mary as the most exciting thing to happen in a football.

How about adjust the rules back to making onside kick recoveries somewhat possible instead of litigating them right out of the sport.

Fourth & 15 from your own 25?!?!?!?!??

Jeez Louise!

It really truly boggles the mind how such a Mickey Mouse organization can retain this strangle hold on America’s fascination. All the NFL does is shoot itself in the foot over and over making asinine decisions.

The NFL is the WORST!

The Lil’ Dogg has spoken.

One comment

  1. Actually think the “not a false start” rule they are also testing is more egregious. Can DEF players do the same thing?


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