Asshole @David_Leavitt ,who can’t afford the dentist, goes on worst crusade ever

Fired up the old twitter machine this morning looking to kill 20 minutes. Maybe I’d spend it @’ing people who think Jason Varitek is a good pick for manager, or passive-aggressively tweaking Patriots conspriracy theorists. But no…this morning I found David Leavitt.

david leavitt


Now, you may ask, what makes @David_Leavitt interesting? Is it the fact that he’s a self-proclaimed “Award Winning Multimedia Journalist”? Well, no. Firstly because we can’t verify any awards. Secondly because he is interesting for one thing, and one thing alone…this heroic twitter thread. A singular man, taking on an “Evil” Corporation.

leavitt tweets

This clown finds a toothbrush that happens to be in a spot with a .01 price tag, which is CLEARLY NOT FOR THE TOOTHBRUSH, and he demands they give him the item for a penny “per Massachusetts law”. Well, douche nozzle, any self-functioning adult would tell you, this is not in violation of any law whatsoever. This is just some scumbag in search of a free toothbrush, and some social media exposure…well, he got one of those things.

leavitt price tag


His rant exhibited all the signs of a wanna be crusader, and he really thinks he’s on the right side of this:

He takes a picture of the manager and names her, trying to “doxx” her I suppose, and further rile up support for his useless cause. We, like you all should be, are #TeamTori

Davey boy then decides this isn’t enough of a waste of time already, and decides to call the police, and announces he’s taking Target to court?

At some point, David, who is basically the Fart Man of Social Justice Heroes (except with no redeeming qualities) must’ve realized this whole thing was getting away from him and tried to garner sympathy by tweeting that he hasn’t been able to afford to go to the dentist in 3 years. A cleaning is like 75 bucks, you can’t afford that, you fucking loser? This must mean his writing is as terrible as his basic reasoning skills.


As you’d expect, this guys been ratio’d into the center of the sun. Most of the responses are great stuff– the occasional anti-Semitism shit notwithstanding (c’mon people, you can do better than that)– and people have even combed through his tweets. I’m not always in favor of that, but I’m going to go out on a huge limb here, and say this guy is the type of slimeball who has scoured some twitter pages to “out” people, so I’m good with it.

Some highlights:


leavitt bourdainleavitt grande


Shaming the victims of a mass shooting, and suicide shaming…class act Dave. Oh, and this one, my personal fave. He EVEN LIED ABOUT THE DENTIST THING!!!!

leavitt dentist

I love to see people like this fraud exposed. I know I’m not the first or last to highlight his stupidity and self-righteousness, but wanted to share it with our fans this morning. And please, go on and tweet at Dave like we did…before the pussy deletes his account. 




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