Markelle Fultz Makes a Few Layups and NBA Twitter Goes Nuts

The much maligned Markelle Fultz had a nice game last night, even notched himself a Triple Double in a W over the Lakers.

Good job. Good effort.

Unfortunately NBA Twitter is acting like the former #1 overall draft pick just reinvented basketball.

And on and on it goes.

Now let’s take a gander at Fultz Shot Chart from this historic performance:


This dude is a “score first” Guard who LITERALLY can not hit a jump shot. Now granted that seems to be a new NBA position that has been invented in recent years (see Simmons, Ben) but C’MON PEOPLE!!!!!!

Look I’m glad the dude is playing real minutes in the NBA and isn’t riding the pine in the Turkish League or something, I truly am. But to act like he has arrived as an honest to goodness “good” not even great just “good” player is absurd.

Make one jump shot. One. Then call me.

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