I Invented the “New” NBA Back in 1987 Playing Double Dribble

The following graph by ESPN’s Kirk Goldsberry has been making the basketball world rounds lately:

3’s & Dunks

Looks like it took the NBA 40 years to figure out what the Lil’ Dogg knew back in 1987.

3’s & Dunks aka “The Thrunk Offense” is exactly how this pup dominated marathon sessions of Double Dribble back in 1987 with the Boston Frogs.

3 points are worth more than 2 and dunks go in more often than jump shots. Revolutionary stuff here folks. Call me when NBA teams regularly break the 200 point barrier cuz the Frogs used to do it on the regular during the ’87 season (250 if it was against the Eagles – them birds stunk).

And I know what you are think – “Dogg you must have been using the auto shot”:

Well actually no. What fun was that???? Sure it was amusing when you first learned about from that kid who’s cousin in Canada figured it out (and also knew the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out code to get the guy to come out of the crowd with a gun and shoot Tyson) but it got real old quick.

If “I get Boston and no auto shots” were NOT the first words out of your mouth when Double Dribble was plucked out of the stack of NES cartridges then I don’t wanna know ya.

Besides a true DD head still needed those cut scene jams like a Townie needs his cup of Dunkies. Gotta have it.

So congrats to the NBA on figuring out what 9 year olds knew 33 years ago.

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