The Internet is a Flat Circle. The Hot New Trend is…Email Newsletters?????

Okay so you get the drift and even though I have no clue at all who those last few people are, I gotta say that the Stanwell Rugby Newsletter looks mighty interesting. Just might have to mash that subscribe button on that bad boy.


Really tho????


So let the Lil’ Dogg get this straight. The Internet was created by Al Gore and some other dudes to like pass around scientific nerd stuff to each other in an easier way then just mailing it. But they had to like code messages or some shit so then some said “Hey you know what’s actually more fun, getting letters in the mail! What if we could get letters on our computer? That’d be awesome!” And so the world ended up with email.

But checking emails mostly completely sucks. So people created websites to pass on information.

I thought we figured that out in like 1999.

Did humanity so completely screw up websites on the Internet that we are now all the way back to email?????

If you’ve tried to click on anything on the actual World Wide Web (not including the wonderful and streamlined Hi-Top website of course) then you know that the answers is most definitely YES. The actual Internet proper SUCKS. Every single website is a pop-up ad streaming video nightmare hellscape.

And so the answer is apparently…go back to email newsletters?????

Okay. Fine. Who am I but a simple honest pup just here to entertain the masses.

*Coming Soon – The Hi-Top Newsletter.

First edition will be Le Cap listing all the innocent things that you think are fun like switch hitting pitchers and choreographed touchdown dances that he hates. Following that will be the 25 best photos of Corey Haim on the set of Dream a Little Dream.

Newsletters. It’s a thing.

*Not Really

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