@DarrenRovell is the World’s Most Interesting Man and it’s not even a Contest

First he gave us his 40 Rules for living your best life and well if you are not currently King of Your Castle it’s probably cuz you are not following DRov’s stellar advice so really that’s on you.

And now this:


Let’s be honest folks, if you aren’t collecting decades old checks written by semi-obscure people then just what are you doing with your life?????

We are talking about Eddie Arcaro and David Sime here!!!!!

Congrats DRov!!!! Truly this is an epic find. And here the Lil’ Dogg thought his 1969 Joe Schlabotnik $3.58 check to his Milk Man was the cream of the check collecting crop but sir you have truly out done this pup.

Bravo! Mr. Rovell. Bravo!!

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