Hi-Top Bets – Lets Go Bowling

The Hi-Top Freight Train is chug chug chugging along as we enter the true Holiday Season – Bowl Season.

Bowl games are where the boys are separated from the men – mostly because the boys are playing with their new XBox or whatever and the men are hiding from their kids watching the Camping World Bowl ( yes that’s an actual honest to God bowl game).

The key to not only surviving but thriving during Bowl Season is also the key to life in general – everything in moderation. Sure we’d all like to bet heavy on everything from the Cheez-It Bowl to the San Diego Credit Union Bowl but that’s would be unwise.

Let’s start with Semi-Final Saturday and we will return with the best of the rest on Monday.

Semi-Final Saturday

Cotton Bowl

You could write a dissertation on this one folks. It’s got just about all the scenarios: Power 5 vs Non Power 5, Head Coach leaves to take “bigger” job before bowl game, player motivation vs “business decision”. In the end though this one comes down to basic facts. Is Memphis good?

Memphis v PSU (-7)

The simple answer is not good enough. The Nitty Lions D will be the difference here.

Camping World Bowl

Notre Dame (-3.5) v Iowa State

If the Fighting Irish can’t win big in the Camping World Bowl then it’s really time to just pack the whole program in.

Peach Bowl

Oklahoma v LSU (-13.5)

The only real question here is how big the number gets before kickoff. Under 2 TDS its a lock for the Tigers but if this thing gets close to 20 then beware the ol’ backdoor cover.

Fiesta Bowl – 🔒 of the Day

Clemson v OSU (+2)

Legit shocked the Buckeyes are getting points. I could see a pick ’em situation or even OSU giving 1 or 2 but GETTING POINTS – that’s straight up cray cray. Load up on the Buckeyes if this thing stays like this.

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