Stop the Presses: Boston Has a Professional Ultimate Team @BostonGloryAUDL

Listen up folks – squeaking in just before the end of the decade is THE BIGGEST NEWS OF THE LAST TEN YEARS –

Boston has a professional Ultimate Team:

Now you know Hi-Top has been on the Ultimate bandwagon for a looooong time.

In fact we laid out a simple 5 step plan to make Ultimate the #1 sport in America (still waiting on that league name change by the by) and now it looks like the #sportofthefuture has landed right in Hi-Top’s backyard.

Can’t wait for further deets on the Glory (you guys should really take up the Lil’ Dogg’s team name advice – I’m beggin’ ya here) – the when and the where (the Glory Hole) cuz Hi-Top will sure to be front and center cheering on the Glory to….ummm….glory.*

*You didn’t see any of these name problems coming? Really? Really?

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