Hi-Top Golf – Get Patrick Reed the Efff Outta Here

Here’s the caddy in “action”:

The Lil’ Dogg has OFFICIALLY had enough of Patrick “DirtBag” Reed. Time to send him into exile. Go play golf on the PGA Antarctica Tour dude.

It’s absolutely no surprise that Reed’s caddie is his brother-in-law. If you know anything about Reeds story his wife won’t allow him so much as to take a leak without her direct involvement. The only possible redeeming quality about Reed is that it’s 50/50 that he was taken hostage by his wife’s family and he lives his life as their personal professional golfing Manchurian Candidate.

This Caddie Attack incident is of course a direct result of last week’s cheating debacle (which by the by videos of Reed pulling this move before are now flooding the Internet):

And oh by the way Reed is also getting his ass handed to him by the International Team. It boggles the mind as to why this asshat keeps getting sent out there just to make a fool of himself.

Or maybe that’s Tiger’s point. If so then well played Cat.

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