Dispatches from the year 2025 – Fret Not Red Sox Fans All Will Be Well

The Lil’ Dogg has just powered down the old Delorean after a quick trip to the year 2025 and let me tell ya folks things do NOT work out for the New York Yankees and Gerritt Cole.

Listen up folks cuz your favorite pup is about to drop some knowledge. There are two certainties in life: Never play cards with a man named after a city and never sign a “big name” free agent in baseball.

It never works out. Sure you might get a great year or even two but by year 4 you are begging to get rid of that contract. It becomes a burden the team cannot bear.

The only way to be successful in baseball is to focus on your minor league system. Develop great young players that you can control for years. The rules in baseball favor management so heavily that it is quite literally gross. But those are the rules and if you are not taking advantage of them then you are not doing your job.

Let the Yankees have Cole. He’s 30 years old and 9 years for a pitcher is FOREVER.

Trust the Lil’ Dogg. I’ve been to 2025 and nobody in New York is happy. Mostly cuz the city is under water from the Great Ocean Rising of 2022 but also cuz they are still paying Cole and he hasn’t thrown a meaningful pitch in years.

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