The Baseball Hall of Fame is STOOOOOPID

Player A – Back to Back League MVP winner. 7x All-Star. 5x Gold Gloves.

Player B – Some Dude named Ted that NOBODY has ever heard of.

Who gets into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Well duhhhh. Of course it’s our man Ted.

Well with that resume it’s a travesty he wasn’t a first ballot unanimous pick. I mean c’mon the stud hit .285 with 248 ding dongs. That just scream HOF.

Listen folks, I honestly mean no disrespect to Ted Simmons (or whoever the hell Marvin Miller is). I’m sure they are fine people. But if the Lil’ Dogg has literally never heard your name before then you are NOT a Hall of Fame player.

Ted Simmons was a catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are on National TV all the time. Have been forever. Not one single time, not one graphic, not one casual aside, not one memory or recollection from any Cardinals broadcast ever has mentioned the career of Ted Simmons. Never happened.

Dale Murphy on the other hand (Player A from our intro) is a Braves legend who is still talked about 20 years after his retirement. The most casual, tune in World Series only Baseball fan knows Dale Murphy. And Sweet Lou Whitaker. And Dave Parker. Hell even Dewey Evens and Steve Garvey are guys casual fans know.

This is not hard folks. I’m not saying every fan favorite deserves entry but if a dude wins MVP TWICE and has a long successful career – that’s a MOFO Hall of Fame player. Otherwise what the hell are we even doing.

Baseball can’t help but trip over their own shoelaces again and again and eventually it will lead to their complete irrelevance from the Sport landscape. #dyingsport

Just another case of Baseball pulling a baseball. Good job guys. Good effort.

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