Patriots’ Stupidity will Cost Them After #Benghalzi

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!

They broke the same rule again, and are so clearly guilty that they actually admitted it immediately (not something they ever do). And now we have full on #Benghalzi

For an organization that has been ahead of the curve, and an intelligent operation, man they are a bunch of dummies.

Their “defense” is that this is a Kraft Productions issue, which may very well be true. The problem with that is, that is EXACTLY what they said when they were caught violating league rules in 2007- even went as far as to disguise a camera man with credentials. So, it may be true this time, but they burned this excuse 12 years ago. Breaking the same rule twice…you need a better story.

Let me say this right now, I believe their documentary story, but the bottom line is that doesn’t matter. They shouldn’t have been in that position at all! You’ve been caught cheating with video cameras in the past…DON’T SEND A GUY WITH A FUCKING VIDEO CAMERA TO A STADIUM!!! And if you do MAKE SURE HE DOESN’T FILM THE SIDELINE.


Whatever moron ok’d this stupid operation has just opened them up to league punishment, a tarnishing of their precious legacy, and all the criticism they can get. And they deserve every bit of it.

All for what??? Some idiotic DO YOUR JOB documentary for Patriots yahoos to wank it to while wearing their Flying Elvis footy pajamas?

This team, who I’ve been a passionate fan of for 34 years, is going to take a beating over this, and Patriots fans will get their back up like they always do.




Well, I hope this time, we don’t hear any of this shit. This is one time too many for me. They admit they broke the rule- the same rule they brazenly broke before. Intent no longer matters. I don’t think they were cheating this time, but they need to take it on the chin… and if you’re a real fan, you won’t fight it, you’ll take it along with them. If you claim anti-Patriot bias on this one, you’ve given up all credibility. The team already admitted it, you need to as well.

I’ll still root for the team on the field, but I won’t have their back in the alley. Fuck them. They don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, or anything else. They are too stupid and careless to deserve my trust.

One thing I’ll give them credit for this time is at least they did admit it. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll be able to spare themselves from a Belichick suspension. But someone’s head will roll for this. And it should. Once again, their arrogance is writing checks the Football Ops team won’t be able to cash.

I think it’ll start with a 1st round pick and a few million bucks, and probably go from there.

And they’ll deserve whatever it is, not for cheating, for pure stupidity.

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