Memo to MLB – Here’s How You Hall of Fame with Bonus NWO Member Power Rankings

Now THAT is a Hall of Fame class folks.

NWO 2020

Too Sweet.

Hi-Topper TOP 10 NWO Power Rankings

10. Buff Bagwell

9. Big Bubba Rodgers

8. Scott Steiner

7. Kevin Nash

6. Rick Rude

5. Hollywood Hogan

4. Sting

3. Scott Hall

2. Syxx

1. Randy Savage

1B. Miss Elizabeth

Anytime Randy Savage is involved in anything he gets my vote for #1. Just the way it is.

RIP Macho Man & Miss Elizabeth

Has anyone fallen ass backwards into more great situations than Syxx aka X-PAC????? Founding member of NWO and D-Gen X.

As for the rest – I was never a Sting guy but his NWO look was badass. Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner aka Big Poppa Pump were just the absolute peak of steroids wresting. Those dudes arms were absurd!!!!!! And Ravashing Rick Rude in a suit and tie is just plain funny.

Also Big Bubba Rodgers 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

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