Hi-Topper Top 5 Movies Set During Christmas That Are NOT “Christmas Movies”

There are “Christmas Movies” and there are movies that are set during Christmas and if you can’t tell the difference you are either an idiot or being a contrarian just for the sake of being a contrarian and well both of those things suck so that being said here are the Hi-Topper Top 5 Movies Set During Christmas that are NOT Christmas Movies

5. Reindeer Games

Two words – Charlize Theron.

4. Iron Man 3

It’s the best Iron Man movie cuz it’s the Shane Black Iron Man movie (see below).

3. Gremlins

This movie could only have been made in the 80s. You try to make Gremlins today and these nasty buggers would get Focus Grouped to death.

2. Die Hard

Die Hard is one of the best ACTION MOVIES ever made. The only debate is where on the All-Time ACTION MOVIE list it falls. That’s the debate.

1. Lethal Weapon

Honestly this whole thing could just be renamed the Shane Black Movie List. Black basically invented the modern action movie when he wrote Lethal Weapon. Everything since has been a pale imitation. And he LOVES to set his movies during Christmas time.

That’s it that’s the lists. Facts is facts and the fact is these are all excellent movies but they are NOT CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!!!

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