Duke Losing Unites Us All

It’s a Holiday Miracle!!!!

Just in time for awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations, the old gods and the new have blessed us with something that EVERYONE can get behind. An utterly embarrassing loss at home by the Molder of Men himself Coach K and the mighty mighty Blue Devils.

And this wasn’t just any early season stumble, this was a “step on a rake over and over then slip on a banana peel into a pile of cow dung pratfall”.

To end regulation they miss about 300 bunny layups:

And note the score as the buzzer sounds: 81-81.

The final score after OT in which SFA wins on a breakaway layup is 85-83.

That means after about 4:58 of overtime each team had scored 2 points. Absolutely thrilling stuff folks.

But fear not. This a LIFE LESSON for the Men of Duke. No doubt Coach K will use this to make them all better human beings because at Duke they are part of a family and basketball is only one small part of what they do.

CAN NOT WAIT for all the amazing “Coach K went to the SFA locker room to shake each players hand” stories to start piling up.

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