Hockey Talk!

From time to time we catch some heat from the Hi-Toppers out there that we don’t do enough hockey. I actually don’t disagree.

We do have a dedicated hockey writer on staff, but he’s semi-retired and living in the hockey hotbed of South Florida. He’s living the life. Why would he get out of bed for the tiny equity stake he could earn?


Luckily, I am a huge fan of the ol’ shinny, and I’m able to step in from time to time to bring our award eligible hockey coverage to the masses. And today, we start close to home, with the B’s, and their superstar, David Pastrnak- aka “Pastor”.

The Pastor is off to a great start this season. Through 22 games, the winger has put 20 biscuits in the basket, to lead the National Hockey League. He’s tacked on 16 dimes, and his 36 points is good for fourth in the league. The Slovakian Skater is on pace for over 130 points on the season, which would be the highest point total since the mid-90’s, when Irish star Mari O’Lemieux put up 161 points in 95-96. The all-time record is likely out of reach, though, which is of course 215 points, accomplished by Dustin Johnson’s father-in-law, “His Excellency” Wayne Gretzky.


The Bruins’ scoring record, however, may be in play- Phil Esposito netted 152 point-a-roonies in Stanley Cup season of ’70-71.

Whether he sets the team record or not, it’s clear Pastrnak has taken another step forward in his development, and has made himself into an Hart Trophy contender. For the uneducated rubes out there, the Hart Memorial Trophy is the MVP award, named after Canadian Dr. David Hart, who was the great grandfather of Brett “The Hitman” Hart.

Thanks to the play of Pastrnak and his linemates, the B’s are sitting atop the Adams division, and hold the 2nd overall seed in the Prince of Wales conference, and have eliminated the concerns of any Stanley Cup Runner-up hangover.

Stay tuned for some more award-eligible hockey coverage, here at Hi-Top!




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