Jersey Talk – Still NO IDEA What Color This Celtics City Jersey is

First off, the Lil’ Dogg is offended to an absurd degree that Hi-Top was left out of this “Boston” video. There’s literally nothing and no one more Boston than us. Facts is facts and THAT is a fact.

Secondly, 🗣WHAT COLOR IS THIS JERSEY????????

Here’s an idea – EVERYONE has been questioning the color of our new jersey for months so how about we shot the only shots of this jersey in a dimly lit gym!!! Yeah awesome idea Bob!


It’s certainly more green than the initial leaked Kanter photo but it’s still not really “green” if you know what I mean and it is certainly not any shade of Celtics green that I’ve ever seen before.

This pup’s hatred for Boston’s legacy as the most boring sports uniform town across the board is well documented and sadly no matter what shade of green this newest addition actually is nothing is going to move that particular needle in the right direction.

Yet another Boston jersey swing and miss.

PS – Some genius on Twitter mocked up a “Water Tower” jersey and it’s straight up fantastic.

Now that is a Boston City Jersey we can all get behind.

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