We Are.. the Penn State trolls

Today,  I take the class to Beaver Stadium  where college game days are like  a rock concert on Rocky’s eggnog. When all you can see is white and in a world of social media trolls, it’s no surprise that you get people sending death threats to a 21 year old college student for playing poorly at one of the most difficult positions in football.  I always try to put myself in someone else’s shoes and if I was the 6-2, 210 QB at Penn state receiving death threats, I would personally reply to each troll with an eggplant emoji, shoulder shrug emoji or a pile of poop emoji followed by a middle finger emoji.  Then I would block them before they could respond. Then I would ask myself, “Why did I even waste my time on these ridiculous losers? I need to watch some game film and get better for the next game. “ Regardless, I’m confident I  wouldn’t let it bother me because those trolls are no more than your standard pink urinal cake. 

Life lesson: Don’t let other people bring you down. Or in other words, “Let the haters hate!”

Next on the class agenda, I’ll pose a question to the Nittany elite who post death threats. 

If you are a Nittany elite who posts death threats are you

A.  a completely out of shape, never athletic alumni who was at Penn St when “Joe pa” was there and can’t let go of your past,  resent your wife and kids,  and try to vicariously live your life through the lives others who are way better than you

B.  a handicapper who wagered a ridiculous amount of money on the Penn State moneyline and therefore lost 6 months of mortgage payments and is living in the shed because your wife hates you

C.  a bona fide internet troll that is following trolls like A and B because you don’t know anything about football

D.  a drunk Penn State college student sitting at the computer at 2am in nothing but a towel while his roommates are passed out.  

E.  Some combination of all of the above and a complete loser

Regardless, have fun getting the attention you so desperately crave  while you hide behind your computer thinking you are way more relevant than you are. 

The professor

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