This 10 Year Old is Already a Better Shooter Than Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons watching like, “How does he do that????”

Lil’ Baller Maxx is straight cash homey!!!!!

The only shot this kid missed was the last second desperation shot and even that looked good.

This lil’ dude was running around like an animal and still squared up every time. Fundamental City!

Now normally the Lil’ Dogg would get all worked up watching a kid have to heave two handed shots at at a 10 foot rim and this pup is really keeping it together here not going on a rant about how basketball rims should be age appropriate like baseball diamonds and kids have their shooting forms wrecked by idiot adults making them play on 10 foot rims with full size balls but I’m not going to do that. I’m not. Even though I really want to scream 8 FOOT RIMS at Rec Department directors all across this God forsaken country but no I’m not going to do it. I won’t ruin this kids moment by pointing out that absolute blind ignorance of youth sports. Can’t do that to Lil’ Maxx.

So congrats to Maxx (even tho your parents are terrible people for adding an extra X to your name). Good for you kid. Ben Simmons is taking notes.

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