Hot Take Alert – These Frozen 2 Songs are NOT Good

As the father of daughters I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to all things Frozen and as much guff as one might give the entire Frozen phenomenon even the most ardent of haters would have to admit that the original soundtrack is all killer, no filler. Obviously “Let It Go” is an all-time Diva Classic. No debate there. But even beyond that mega hit the entire movie is chalk full of jams. “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” is a heartbreaker, “In Summer” and “Love is an Open Door” are both delightful romps. Even the throwaway “Reindeers are Better Than People” is catchy as all get out.

But these Frozen 2 songs….they ain’t it fam.

These new tunes are straight doo doo.

Emo-Goth-Disney is not the right look folks. These songs are pure Debbie Downers. Give me something peppy. Something I can hum. Emotional gravitas is not what I’m looking for here folks. I want up tempo ditties that get stuck in my head for weeks not Evanescence minor key dirges.

I get that Frozen 2 is going to be “darker” or whatever but that doesn’t mean the songs have to be straight up bummers.

👎👎 on these Frozen 2 songs.

Hey Disney – Go back to the studio and get me some hits.

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