I’m AB and I’m an A-Hole

I’d like to take a seat at the high top table even though my feet might not even touch the bottom rungs unless I sit on the edge of my seat. In my inaugural article I’d like to discuss the NFL debacle involving Antonio Brown, or AB as people like to call him. Arguably one of the most talented wide receivers in the business today, but in line with the age old crazy-hot meter, apparently, he is also the most dumbest player in the game. In the world of the metoo movement, how can AB BE so dumb. He already made a mistake by acting irresponsibly and immorally toward women, who most likely just wanted some attention from a famed football star. To use a position of power for any gain is immoral and irresponsible. Put that aside and put him in a room with a whole bunch of other jerks that do that, he has to be the one to take it one step further and threaten the poor woman. The moral of the story, when you get in trouble, try to minimize the damage, not make it worse, by continuing to make bad moves. By all accounts, if he kept his head down and minimized the damage, he would have been still on the Patriots roster catching balls from TB12. Now he has 8 grievances for lost wages and an instagram apology to a guy who probably doesn’t have instagram! Complaining about a consequence that you yourself caused makes you seem even more stupid! F in life for AB.

The professor!

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