Gronk Annoucement Will be a Giant Letdown

I know I said last week Gronk was coming back, and I thought it was a good theory. But that was before his announcement today:

This announcement locks it up for me. ZERO chance this guy is returning.

He’s been a tease for 2 seasons. Will he – Won’t he. Just dragging out the drama for his own (shockingly boring) brand. In the process, he put the team in a terrible spot two offseasons in a row. Last year he did eventually return after his stupid Motocross bullshit, and getting to skip OTA’s.

This year, he seems to have no intention of returning but loves to keep hope simmering, if for nothing else than his own self-promotion. Whatever happens tomorrow, it’s gonna be some bullshit.

  • A New CBD partnershjp?
  • He’s going to be a Fox contributor during the playoffs?
  • He’ll finally go to the WWE?

Whatever it is, it is NOT THAT HE IS COMING BACK. It that’s what was happing, it wouldn’t be a Gronkowski Insta production. It wouldn’t be teased just like every other useless announcement he’s ever teased.

I have only two guarantees about tomorrow….it’s going to let down a lot of people, and it’s going to be obnoxious.




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