Wilt Chamberlain, Gordon Hayward – That’s the List! A Deep Dive On Gordo’s Historic Night

Gordo Back!

For real this time.

Peep the highlights:

It’s not the numbers obviously. No. It’s the way he got things done. Gone is the hesitation. Gone is the fear. Hayward fully trusts his body again. And that means he can finally go back to just playing. Not thinking. Just playing.

This is the Gordon Hayward the Boston Celtics signed as a marque Free Agent. This is NBA Superstar Gordon Hayward.

It’s all right there on the game sealing rebound and put back:

The instincts and the skill never left Hayward. He had just been playing with a kernel of doubt in his mind since the injury. But now the doubt is gone.

Will the real Slim Gordo please stand up?

Last night he did.

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