Hi-Topper Top 10 – Best My Chemical Romance Songs

My Chem is BACK!

Well for one show anyway.

Love ’em or hate ’em (and really there is no in between) you have to admit MCR had some real bangers back in the good ol’ Emo days. Slight tangent – My Chemical Romance were simultaneously the MOST and LEAST Emo of all the Emo bands. The fashion and the hair and whatnot were super Emo but the music was always more punk Queen than anything else. And the lyrics were the opposite of typical Emo sad boy whining Taking Back Sunday type stuff. Anywho here’s our undebatable Hi-Topper Top 10 MCR Songs.

10. Headfirst for Halos

9. Cemetery Drive

8. Bulletproof Heart

7. Mama

6. You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison

5. Teenagers

4. Give Em Hell Kid

3. Desolation Row

2. I’m Not Okay

1. Dead!

Facts is facts and the fact is that MCR kicks ass! Disagree if you want but only if you like being wrong.

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