Jimmy Garoppolo is Problematic and needs to be SUSPENDED Immediately!

-Viewer Discretion is Advised-

The following horrific exchange between Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and sideline reporter Erin Andrews took place after the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Arizona Cardinals:

The Infantilizing of an Adult Human is absolutely unacceptable behavior people and must be meet with swift and severe punishment lest these acts become normalized amongst civilized society! We can not allow that to happen and James Garoppolo must pay the ultimate price.

Babies are babies. Adults are adults. These facts are undeniable. It’s right there in the Bible. If we start allowing the designation of a fully grown and mature adult as a “baby” then where does the line end? Can we start calling cats and dogs “baby”? Can I call my pet goat “baby”?

A stand must be taken. I propose a two year ban for Mr. Garoppolo. This may seem harsh but what about all the real tiny babies out there in the world. Won’t anyone consider the real babies?

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