NBA Rewind – Fight! Fight! Fight!

There was a baseball game last? Who cares! The Only League That Matters was in RARE form while you were busy falling asleep to pitchers throwing over to first base.

Fight Night in Philly

Wolves 95 Sons of Rocky 117

And that was just the beginning cuz of course these dang millennials just got take everything to social:

Oh yeah there was a basketball game too and the Sixers are pretty good.

Bucks 105 Celtics 116

This team is GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! Not to be the “I told you so type” but…I TOLD Y’ALL!

Tatum is making the LEAP this year:

And Gordo Back!:


Rockets 159 Wizards 158

Bradley Beal had 46 and James Harden said so what:

Also it was 159-158 with NO OVERTIMES!!!!

#ThisLeague y’all. SMDH!

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