Halloween is on the 31st. End of Discussion!

As I’ve covered before, I love Halloween , especially back in West Medfid. But don’t love this crap that passes for Halloween today. “Recommended Trick or treating hours”? No thanks. The last people I want to hear from on Halloween are the police. I recommend, when it starts getting dark, go the hell out trick or treating. There…common sense wins again.

As if “they” didn’t do enough damage already to a beloved past time, now we have this???

reschedule halloween


You can’t do that…I mean, literally, you can’t do that. Halloween is the 31st. That’s just when it is. You can’t reschedule it anymore than you can reschedule Christmas, or Tuesday.

I mean look at the look on the giraffe kids’ face…he knows this is friggin’ ridiculous.

And what’s this “because of the weather” bullshit? Weather? It’s going to be SIXTY DEGREES. With a MODERATE. CHANCE. OF RAIN. RAIN?!?!?!?!Not a hurricane. Not a snowstorm, tornado, volcano eruption, nuclear attack…nope, this is rain. Little drops of water, falling from the sky, landing gently onto your clothing, hair, and skin. All of which FREQUENTLY GET WET!!!!!

Nobody’s safety is in danger. Nobody has never been in the rain before. People own umbrellas. And even if there is someone out there without an umbrella, they can, when they’re done Trick or Treating, GO HOME AND DRY OFF!!!

fear of rain

The arguments I’ve heard in favor of this move are ludicrous. One such is “do it Saturday, it’ll be more enjoyable for the kids”. As the proud Sire of two little ones, I can tell you, kids don’t give a shit about rain. It rains out, first thing they do…jump in puddles.

Another argument is “A lot of moms and dads have trouble getting home from work”. Well, Karen, that is true. But you know the date of Halloween in advance. I’ll be conservative and say….at least 6 months ahead of time. Knowing this is helpful, because you can a) Take the day off b) leave early. You know, like people do the day after the Superbowl, or when you have a hair appointment. Or (and this may be controversial) who are your kids with EVERY OTHER THURSDAY AFTERNOON OF THE YEAR??? Have them take them trick or treating.

I mean, this whole thing is just absurd. And I haven’t even gotten to the worst part, which, of course, is the local Facebook groups. It goes like this:

Bubbly Friendly Mom: Hey, are there any plans to push trick-or-treating back this year? TIA 🎃😉

Passive Aggressive Parent: Why would they do that? (knowing exactly why she is asking)

BFM: Well it’s going to be bad weather, and I was on a page for another town’s mom’s and that town is having it Saturday. I thought that would be so much better.

Salty Older Gentleman: Halloween is the 31st. Never gonna change.

PAP: There’s only going to be a little bit of rain…do you not have an umbrella?

Town Conspiracy Theorist: I heard one of the Board of Selectman’s brothers owns stock in a company that would be in line for a windfall if Halloween were moved to Saturday. DM me for deets.

SOG: This is what’s wrong with the world today. Everyone gets a trophy, we cancel things because of the rain. Where coddling these kids. There going to grow up and not know how to do anything. And so what if they don’t all go to college? It’s not for everyone. Their are plenty of good jobs in the trades. I heard the tech is down kids this year. More kids should think about going they’re.

PAP: Hey SOG, do you even have kids?

BFM: Jeez. Sorry I even brought it up. Just wanted some help. People can be rude 🙄

(Translation:I’ll go ask on 14 other forums that you’re also all on)

DO you see what you people have started??? End the nonsense!!! Halloween is the 31st, and that is FINAL!

Now, just so you know I’m the real deal, I’m going to share the below video of a football game I played in, in 1995. A game which would undoubtedly be cancelled today.

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