Game 7’s are for Everyone, Haters Welcome

It’s GAME 7, people!!!

I don’t care if you are one of those people who just follow the crowd, buying into the narrative that baseball is boring, or failing. Today isn’t the day for me to provide mounds of evidence to prove that that you’re wrong….we can do that tomorrow. But today, TODAY IS GAME 7!

If you “hate” baseball, don’t care, you should watch tonight.

If you haven’t watched a baseball game all season, you should watch tonight.

If you don’t watch anything but the occasional Sox game, you should watch tonight.

Even if you’re only tuning in because of the titties….YOU SHOULD WATCH TONIGHT.


It’s a one night, winner-take-all. The best thing that MLB has done in years is to have created the 1 game Wild Card Playoff. Even the baseball haters watch those games. And now tonight we have one to decide the whole darn thing.

Game 7’s are special in any sport. You can feel the tension in your living room. And I think baseball is the best at building the tension. Everything that people complain about with the games- the time between pitches, the managerial decisions, starters as relievers, the randomness of calling balls and strikes- all serve to build anxiety.

When you add in the Bregman v Soto carry-the-bat-to-first-base antics of last night, the fact that this is the first Game 7 featuring 2 Cy Young winning Starters, the fact that you could apparently see boobs at any minute, and that this is a Wednesday night… well:

 “‘If you don’t appreciate this, you’re not a real sports fan’ – Bob Ryan”

– My Buddy Marty

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By the way…I picked Washington, at long odds. So, yeah…go me.


    • No handshake line! Wait, do I not like the handshake line? Oh that’s right. I like it, but don’t like the attention it gets. So if they want to do it after everyone has gone home, or down in the tunnel…have at it


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