Who Would Win in a Fight? JJ Watt or Mr. Glass?

Yes JJ Watt is injured again. Season over again.

Which begs the question- If JJ Watt met Mr. Glass in a dark alley who would win that fight?


Obviously right from the jump, Mr. Glass has the advantage being that he’s already seated and there will be no need for a cart to wheel his broken body away. JJ on the other will of course injure himself before the fight even begins thus needing to wait for the aforementioned cart.

Once the fisticuffs start the upper hand goes to Watt and his physical prowess.

However, within seconds ol’ JJ will inevitably tear a pec or twist a lat. You see, the real fight is taking place within the minds of these two competitors. Mr. Glass controls the fight by not moving a muscle at all.

As Watt falls to the ground in agony from his own self inflicted defeat, the only energy Mr. Glass needs to expend is the small ounce it takes to form a sly smile on his face.

Winner – Mr. Glass

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