Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 10

2-2 last week which to be frank is just not going to cut it. Also don’t call me Frank.

Season Record 15-11 (maybe?)

Week 10

Auburn at LSU -10

Tigers will win. That is a guarantee!

PSU -4 at MSU

Sparty kinda stinks. Hate to say it but this is a down year for the Green & White. Load up on the Lions here.

Texas -1 at TCU

This one feels like a trap. What do the boys in Vegas know here? Feel like Texas should be 4 or 5 at least. One things for sure is something with horns will win. That’s a guarantee!

Maryland at Minnesota -16.5

🎶”Love the Golden Gophers but I hate all the drawn out winters”🎶

🎶”Lookin’ California. But I’m feelin Minnesota”🎶

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