NBA Rewind – It’s Back and It’s Spectacular

Opening Night BaBy!!!!!

Okay so things didn’t go exactly as planned (or did they 🤔) for the Boys in Green but overall the excitement level is 💯 for the new NBA season.


Celtics 93 Sixers 107

U-G-L-Y this game has no alibi. Bricks and fouls all night long and even tho Kemba had a rough night (and I really hope he didn’t check that Nets box score) there were some actual bright spots. Gordo and Tatum did what they need to do offensively. Gonna need 40-50 every night from that pair. Brown on the other hand needs to do better. But hey the TimeLord is here and sometimes that’s all we need:

Meanwhile in the Big D…

Wiz 100 Mavs 108

Yeah I think this Luka-Zinger thing is gonna work out just fine. Yikes. With another piece or two that’s a scary team.

Wolves 127 Nets 126

Yeah Kyrie dropped 50. So what! They still lost ya know!

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