The NBA is BACK! Boston Celtics Season Preview!!

The Only League That Matters returns tonight for 2019-2020 season with the NBA DEBUT OF ZION!!!!!!! the New Orleans ‘Cans vs the Toronto Raps :

Yes the loss of Zion for the next 3-4 months *fingers crossed that’s only it* puts a slight damper on the start of the new NBA season but there is certainly more to be excited for then just Iron Zion*.

*Hi-Top Trademark pending*

So before we get to our Boston Celtics season preview let’s take a look at some other story lines worth watching as we kick off another epic pro hoops year…just kidding cuz nothing but the C’s matter.

Boston Celtics Season Preview

Bye bye Kyrie

Kyrie Irving is gone. The Lil’ Dogg is not one to bash a guy on the way out so all this pup will say is that after watching Irving up close for the past few years he is both more impressive than I previously thought but I also couldn’t care less that he’s gone. There’s moments where he is absolutely magical on a basketball court but if I had to pick any player to be the cornerstone of a championship run well he ain’t it fam.

Hello Kemba

Just gonna leave this here:

Alls I know is that seemingly every time the Celtics played the Hornets Kemba was a Capital P Problem. He’s happy to be in Boston and EVERYONE seems happy to have him.

Taco Jay

We need this Tatum:

And I really think we will get him this year. Taco Jay had a great session with Team USA and has been aggressive all pre season. He breaks OUT! All-Star Tatum. Book it.

Jaylen Just Got Paid

Now it’s time to earn that cash. Need a LEAP year from Brown if this team is gonna make a run.

The New Guys

Okay fine Tacko will spend most if not all of this year in Maine. Who wants to road trip to Portland with the Lil’ Dogg? Great restaurants up there they say.

Zion Who? Javonte Green has shown OFF in the preseason. Did the dude miss a shot????? Also this:

Find of the off season for sure. Green is a player.

And speaking of players:

Waters and Edwards are both studs.

Now add in the Williams boys and oh yeah Gordo

And that’s what this pup calls a “Team”. Last year the Celtics were a collection of players who happened to be wearing the same uniform. This year we have a team.

And I like our chances.

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