Hi-Topper Top 9 – Top Gun Flight Helmets Ranked

I got the need, the need for…ranking all the flight helmets in Top Gun.

First off this about the actual helmets and not Call Signs. Ranking the Call Signs would be a completely different list of course. Duh.

Hi-Topper Top 9 Top Gun Flight Helmets

9. Maverick

Mav is a great name and would easily compete for the top spot on a Call Signs list but we are talking helmets here and Mav’s is Capital B Boring.

8. Goose

Bros ’till the bitter end Goose and Mav share a color palet and design scheme so these two go hand in hand and on this list that means last and second to last. Facts is facts and the fact is these helmets crash and burn like a training mission over the Pacific. Still too soon?

7. Merlin

We don’t see much of Merlin but he’s got a badass name for a fighter pilot and a helmet to match.

6. Sundown

I really want to get Sundown into the Top 5 but the competition is just that strong. Still love this one tho. The colors on this one just pop.

5. Viper

Great Call Sign. Great helmet. Though it’s been 25 years and I’m still not sure why it’s a bat and not a snake?

4. Slider

3. Iceman

Iceman and Slider share a design scheme like Maverick and Goose. Except theirs is actually cool. Not sure what the lightning bolt is for and why they get bolts and Mav & Goose get this:

Either way just like the volleyball match, Ice & Slider take the prize.

2. Hollywood

1. Wolfman

Ass Men.

Wolfman and Hollywood like big butts and they can not lie. And for that they take first prize at the Top Gun Flight School Helmet Rankings.

That’s it. That’s the list. Disagree at your own risk but remember don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash. Oh and Slider…you stink.


  1. Now we’re doing Top Gun lists? Maybe you could rank these against Teen Wolf basketball plays, Massachusetts Athletics Man?


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