Hi-Top Bets – Week 8

Honestly we’ve lost track of what our actual season record is at this point. Maybe Mr. Anonymous our secret troll commenter can figure that out. I hear he has a job that gives him plenty of free time, must work for the government or something.

Either way things have NOT been good. But that all turns around starting now cuz this weekend’s big board is TASTY!

Week 8 Picks

UM at Penn State (-9)

9 is a BIG number hear but Le Cap has been hitting the spreadsheet hard and he loves the Nitty Lions.

LSU (-17.5) at Miss St.

The Tigers screwed us big time last weekend so they us one here.

UL Monroe at Appalachian State (-15)

The Mountaineers are the real deal Holyfield and 4-1 ATS. Also we have not seen 1 second of any App State’s games. Confidence Level – 1000%.

ISU at Texas Tech (+7)

Road favorites have been absolutely killing us the last few weeks so naturally we will now pivot to Home Dogs and promptly get our pants fleeced cuz of course.

That’s it. Those are the picks and when I say these are for “entertainment purposes only” you best believe it.

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