Obnoxious Yankee Fan Uses Face to Injure Hand of ‘Stros Fan

Not only are the Astros up 2-1 over the Yankees in the ALCS, they apparently are up 1-0 in fan skirmishes, thanks to an easy TKO during Game 2 at Minute Maid Park.

This guy, James Dinkins, is nicknamed The Judge, which….is fuckin’ awesome. And he laid down the law on a 21 year old Yankees fan, who was attending the game with his mommy. Manuel Bitolas, the obnoxious NY fan, was cheering for the Yanks and said he and Dinkins exchanged some words, which he thought was all in good fun. First mistake right there, Manny. And then Bitolas put his hand on Dinkins’ shoulder as he said something to him, which led to Dinkins saying “Don’t fucking touch me” and eventually slapping him.

I, for one, am SHOCKED that a New Yorker (specifically a Yankees fan) misread a situation in which it turns out they maybe weren’t quite as charming as they thought. But for him to actually lay his hand on the shoulder of the ‘Stros fan… that’s just crossing the line brother. I guess, since he’s only 21, he barely remembers what it’s like to root for a relevant, World Series- winning team. Let me fill you, and all the “lovable loser” Yankees’ fans: It’s serious business. 

But this isn’t the first time an incident like this has occurred between the two franchises. In the mid-90’s, during negotiations for an interleague series, there was some confusion in the Yankees front office. We’ve obtained some video of one of the more contentious meetings:


Another thing, what the hell is going on that a SLAP is a national story?! A SLAP????? 

I remember sitting in the bleachers with my Aunt when I was 10, and there’d be full-on brawls in the stands. I once saw a guy get cold cocked, and knocked out, for trying to cut in front of someone on the Kenmore platform. Go home, put on the news, not one mention of any it. Let alone friggin’ GOOD MORNING AMERICA. But now, you can’t even go to a game, have a good time, and hey, maybe you slap a person or two…what’s the big deal? What have we come to???

Today, this guy is being charged with assault, he’s getting dragged by GMA, and lowly bloggers from non-ALCS markets are writing about the incident. Times have certainly changed.

I would like to lend my support for The Judge. You keep doing you. You’re a passionate fan of a winning franchise, you don’t need to apologize to anyone. Clearly a hand on your shoulder is a series infringement on your civil rights, and everyone should be grateful it was only a slap.



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