LeBron James Throws Most Overrated Pass in Basketball History, Internet Goes Nuts

This is NOT an anti-LeBron blog. I promise you that. It may read like one but I swear it’s really not.

Last night LeBron James made a basketball pass that resulted in a made FG. It was a good play. A bit awkward actually. But nothing really out the ordinary. Pretty standard “nice play” stuff.

The Internet of course had other thoughts:

And on and on it goes.

Like I said it was a nice pass. But acting like he has some sort of 6th Sense Dr. Strange Basketball Vision that no one else has is…ehhhhh…a bit much. I pretty sure that 99.9% of the time in an NBA basketball game you could blindly throw the ball towards the Corner 3 spot and there would be a guy standing there. Danny Green himself literally stands at that very spot for entire offensive possessions every time is on a basketball court.

But again this is not an anti-LeBron screed. No. This is sadly yet another “The Internet is the Worst” screed.

Can’t we just acknowledge a nice pass as a nice pass and let that be it? Why does everything have to be the “greatest thing of all-time”? Like really Deadspin, if you had to watch one basketball play every second for the rest of your life you would choose a meaningless assist in a preseason game?


There have been some great passes in the history of the NBA and LeBron has even thrown some himself but this one, this ain’t it fam.

You want passing. Here:

Now THAT is passing the rock!

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