The Line for the Boston Celtics Bandwagon Is Gonna Be Long

The Boston Celtics finished off their preseason last night with a through thrashing of the hapless Cleveland Cavs to go 4-0 in fake games. All the starters stayed home but that was fine cuz it gave the new guys some time to shine and shine they shone:

Is 8 threes in 6 minutes good? Asking for my new BFF.

Carsen Edwards can SHOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!

“Oh the Celtics are done.” They said. “Without Kyrie and Al they have no one.” They said. “The Celtics have no chance in the East.” They said.


This team is lovable yes but this team is more than just a collection of guys you want to root for. This team has PLAYAS! This team has depth. This team has guys that want to win. This team will be good.

And all this pup has to say is:

*And we didn’t even mention Tacko*

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