@Ringer has an Anniversary Problem

There’s only 2 actual websites on the entire Internet that are not pop-up ad hellholes of utter despair. One is of course the greatest website ever created – HiTopTableAthletics dot com. And the other is The Ringer.

I like The Ringer. I really do. I may shit on it from time to time cuz that’s what you do to the ones you love. And sure nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned Sports Guy satire article (even when half the Internet misses the joke – shoutout to you Mr. Anonymous Commenter) but the simple (and sad) fact is The Ringer is the closest thing we have in today’s world to an actual “magazine” and god knows I miss real magazines.

All that being said, The Ringer has a serious “Anniversary” problem.

Take for example an article published today:

100 years is worth celebrating. 50 years is worth celebrating. 35 is not an anniversary that gets celebrated. 35 is just a year like any other.

I’ll even give them 20 years, which is what they have been doing with movies from 1999.

But 40 years? That’s a no. But here they are celebrating 40 years of a Fleetwood Mac album not called Rumors.

How about 25 years of a completely forgettable movie?

Or an iconic one:

And all of that was just in the LAST 15 HOURS!?!?!?

The point is you don’t need to invent a reason to write about Pulp Fiction or the Talking Heads. If you want to discuss how great they were or their lasting legacy on culture or just how effing cool the Royale with Cheese scene was then just do it. No arbitrary “anniversary” needed.

Take it from us, we write needlessly unnecessary articles about shit from the past all the time. No arbitrary anniversary needed.

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