Hi-Top Bets: Week 7. Lil’ Dogg SUSPENDED #STAYABREAST

Season Record: 13-9

Last week, I sensed trouble. Lil’ Dogg has been driving most of our picks this year and was HOTT…but the last couple of weeks have been a grind. I tried to jump in and add two picks on behalf of Hi-Top Bets (both wins BTW, Ohio St & Florida) but Lil Dogg never got them in his blog, so it’s like they don’t count.

Now, we’re still making you money, but after a couple of iffy weeks, we can’t afford mistakes like this. I simply cannot have it. So, as the Buccaneer Capitaine, I’ve stepped in and SUSPENDED Lil’ Dogg for Week 7, and I’ve taken over the Picks blog. And I’m looking for a big weekend.

Lil Dogg suspended

While Lil’ Dogg comes up with a follow-up to his brilliant and original post about The Harper Corollary, or whatever it’s called, I’ve been doing research. Here are the picks for Week 7:


UVA has a better record, is ranked, and has probably played better competition…so why are they getting points? ESPN and other sites say “STAY AWAY” from something like this…the line is very 🐟 . Yeah, good plan “Bear”. Good luck being anything more than a TV producer with an attitude like that. Around here, if we like the matchup, we pick it and stick it. UVA will win outright.

the bear

Bonus Fri Night pick: Oregon- Colorado OVER 59.5

Texas +11 vs Oklahoma

There are very few certainties in life, but I am certain of this. Oklahoma is always favored in the Red River Shootout, and Texas always covers. And the game is usually BONKERS. Tune in tomorrow.

Memphis -4.5 @ Temple

Wait. I get to take a 5-0 team giving Temple less than a touchdown? TEMPLE? Yeah, that’s a no brainer.

Wisconsin -10.5 vs Michigan St.

Heads up…Wisconsin is good. Like, really good. Jonathan Taylor is a capital S Stud, and Michigan State was torched for 323 on the ground last week by Ohio St. The Badgers will get the lead and won’t look back.

#shinglebyshingle #StayAbreast


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