Introducing The Harper Theory

This one is going to get complicated folks but bear with the Lil’ Dogg if you will please.

What if a professional sports team loses its “best” player yet inexplicably gets better in the process?

Introducing The Harper Theory (copyright HTTA).

The Washington Nationals struggled to find any real success for years with one of MLB’s biggest talents in their lineup. Yet one year after Bryce Harper signed with Division rival Philadelphia Phillies, the Nationals have gone on their deepest playoff run in franchise history and now sit four games from the World Series.

Call it addition by subtraction. Call it karma. Call me maybe. Who knows what to call it? We are going to dub this phenomenon The Harper Theory.

The basic tenants if you will of The Harper Theory is that a team that ever won anything with a star player incredibly gets better once that player leaves. Obviously it is named after Bryce Harper since the success of the Nationals after his free agency departure is what sparked this genius idea.

Other famous examples include:

2000 New England Patriots (Drew Bledsoe)

1939 New York Yankees (Lou Gehrig)

1970 Chicago Bears (Brian Piccolo)

The list goes on and on and The Harper Theory could even be applied to other areas of life such as Pop Culture. Just take a look at the Season 6 of Roseanne with Second Becky for a prime example or even post Clooney ER. The Theory even extends into music just look at The Rolling Stones after the death of Brian Jones or the post Pete Best Beatles.

Has Hi-Top somehow stumbled upon a theory that explains life itself? Perhaps. We just may have.


  1. Bill Simmons came up with this year’s ago based on Patrick Ewing and the Knicks… I have read a few other things on this site… beginning to think the whole premise of this is to just kind of steal other people’s ideas… NOT COOL


    • The Lil’ Dogg is not familiar with this Simmons character. Is he some sort of sports guy or something? Rest assured everything on HTTA is by the regular guy and for the regular guy and also 100% satire free and completely genuine. Thank you for your continued support.


  2. Anthony Rendon has been the Nats “best player” for a few years now. Harper is a media creation, glad he’s gone. Watch a game for once for crying out loud before you blog!


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