Melo Balls Out in Australian NBL Debut

The kid can play:

Sir Melo of the Family Ball has finally finally FINALLY played in an actual honest to goodness meaningful competitive game at the professional level and the results are quite impressive.

And it’s not the dunks or running floaters, it’s everything else highlighted by ZERO turnovers.

A ball dominant player known for being out of control the fact that Melo has reigned in his impulses and is playing composed basketball has to have NBA scouts salivating. He’s an 18 yr old kid playing with grown adults now and he’s going toe to toe with them, attacking the rim, playing through contact and not backing down.

Yes this is one game but the haters were saying the kid would be physically over matched and that’s certainly not going to be the case. We have a full season to go but if Melo continues improving at this rate there’s no way he isn’t a Top 5 pick in June.

And that sentence seemed absolutely absurd two years ago.

Maybe Lavar knew what he was doing all along….nahhhhhhhh.

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