Thanks for the (Regular Season) Memories. Now it’s Younghoe Time!

You see that smile on my face? Ear to Ear, baby.

Yesterday the Patriots mercifully ended the Stephen Gostkowski experience, at least for 2019. And even though he has spent much of his career at or near the all-time record for Reg Season FG accuracy (currently 4th All time), went the better part of a decade without missing a PAT, and has kicked in 6 Super Bowls…this is the right move. It’s not just about this year, either. The guy has been bad, especially in the biggest games, for a while.

His Lowlights 

  •  In Super Bowl XLII Belichick famously went for it on 4th-and-13 rather than attempt a 48 yard FG
  • 2015: AFC Championship at Denver, Gostkowski missed a PAT, which forced NE to go for 2 late. They didn’t convert, and lost 20-18
  •  2016: After missing a PAT in the AFC CG vs Pittsburgh, Gostkowski missed another in the 3rd Q of SB LI, a momentum killer as they mounted a comeback from 28-3. Obviously they overcame it, but forced the famous 2-pt conversion try late to send the game to OT
  •  2017: Gostkowski missed a meaningless FG against Tennessee, and then against the Eagles, he missed a TWENTY SIX YARD FG, AND an extra point. So, as Brady took the ball looking to drive in the 4th Q, he was trailing by 8, thanks to SG.
  • 2018:  He missed a 46 yard FG in the 1st Q of a 0-0 Superbowl that remained within one score until only 2 mins left in the game.

Bottom line, this guy stinks. Well, not really stinks, but when the season is on the line, he just doesn’t deliver. It’s almost wore than stinking. He’s managed to win 3 rings without ever making a meaningful kick. And he’ll probably get in the Patriots HOF because of it.

Hopefully, his time in New England is done, and we can move on. And I know the guy we want to move on to.


Keep your Mike Nugents and Kai Forbath’s, and bring me Younghoe Koo. His name is pronounced (YOUNG-way) btw, putting to bed any Robert Kraft related jokes before they start.

But seriously…does that look like a guy who’s going to be intimidated by “soft turf”, like little Stevie G is? Nope. He’s a steely eyed killer, which is what you want in a kicker.

And check out that coiffe. Deadly. The hotness factor of the Patriots has suffered a little since Jimmy G and Danny Amendola moved on…this guy definitely brings you back up a notch, and adds a little diversity while you’re at it.

And just as I was putting this together, look-see what popped up in my TL:

younghoe reiss

Boom. So after working out a few of the recycled old boys yesterday, Bill has brought in the next great Patriots Placekicker. The 25 Year Old Korean-born, New Jersey native, 1st-Team All Sun Belt, Lou Garza Award finalist…Younghoe Koo.

Hi-Top Nation…this is our guy. He gets our full endorsement. Join me in welcoming him to Patriots Nation.

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