The New Boston Bruins 3rd Jersey Seals Boston’s Fate

Welcome back to Talkin’ Jerseys with the Lil’ Dogg. Today my guest is the City of Boston.

Listen folks, this pup LOVES dissecting uniforms. Why? Because they are completely arbitrary yet at the same time everyone knows a great uniform when they see one. Unfortunately for fans of sport in Boston, MA we are saddled with not 1, not 2, not 3, but four terribly boring teams.

Words like “classic” and “traditional” get thrown around when it comes to the jerseys of the Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox but the fact is that’s just a euphemism for “boring”.

Take for example the recently leaked Boston Bruins 3rd Jersey:

You literally could not create a more generic Jersey (and you can go efff yourself if you insist on calling them “sweaters” by the by) if you tried. Like this is just straight up awful. Someone needs to get fired for this. The whole point of a GD 3rd Jersey is to take a chance, do something different not bust out a shirt that looks like something Ward Cleaver would wearing doing yard work in 1951.

“But Lil’ Dogg it harkens back to the Original 6 days and blah blah blah…”

This is ALWAYS the case in Boston. It’s always about honoring tradition and history.

How about doing something new and exciting????

Yes a lot of times the “new” look is a mess but that’s part of the fun.

Oh yeah I forgot we are not allowed to have fun in Boston. “Do Your Job” right!!!! My bad!!!

What Boston needs is to lighten up. We have all the trophies now. We aren’t the Lovable Losers of yesteryear. We dominate so why not look good doing it.

Forget tradition. Let’s finally create something new.

Next up, utter disappointment when the “new” Celtics Jersey looks exactly the same as all the others.

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