Hi-Top Top 5 Greatest Fictional Teachers of All-Time

The job of a great Educator is to shape the minds and mold the lives of The Youth. There have been some good ones, some bad ones and some that are so legendary they deserve the highest honor in all the land – a spot on a Hi-Top Top 5 List.

Hi-Top Top 5 Greatest Fictional Teachers of All-Time

5. Economics Teacher – Shermer High

Was there anything better than a nice nap during the middle of class. Well if anyone was going to get you in the mood for learning napping it was Ben Stein’s Economics Teacher.

4. Mr. Racine – Liberty High

Ah the “Cool Substitute Teacher”. And just like the “Cheerleader That Falls for the Nerd” its a screenwriter’s dream that has no bias in reality. No Sub has ever been as cool as Vic Racine. Question everything indeed.

3. Mr. Cooper –

Really it’s just the theme song.

2. Mr. Moore – Millard Fillmore High

There was really only two reasons anyone would want to be in Fillmore High’s IHP History Class. The first was Darlene and the second was to gleam some wisdom from Charlie Moore.

1. Shoop – Oceanfront High

Boat Shoes ✔️

Hawaiian Shirt ✔️

Visor ✔️

Not only was Shoop a fashion icon but the man was a world class Educator who would do anything for his students. Whether its throwing an epic party or setting up a bed in the back of class, Shoop went the extra mile for his students. And those students learned. Going from a 23 to 63 isn’t failing it’s getting 150% better…and then failing.

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