Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 5 – We HATE Pitt!

Pitt dun fooled us 2 weeks in a row.

Tony Dorset. Larry Fitzgerald. Dan Marino

All dead to Hi-Top.

And you know what folks, it breaks this poor pup’s lil’ heart cuz the Lil’ Dogg has been a Panther for life.

I was watching live on ESPN when Jerome sent it in. I had an Iron Head Heyward poster on my bedroom wall. All that love – gone forever now.

On to Week 5.

Season Record 12-4

Big rebound week for the Hi-Top brain trust going 3-1 in Week 4. The momentum will continue folks even though the Big Board is looking Capital T Tough this weekend.

Let’s go.

Washington State +6 at Utah

The PAC-12 is going to be an absolute bloodbath this season. We are talking final scene of a Tarantino movie here. Hot Take – The PAC-12 Champ will have at least 3 losses. Take the points.

Ohio State -17 at Nebraska

The Cornhuskers might give up 100 to the Buckeyes.

Northwestern at Wisconsin-24.5

Well if the Badgers beat Mich by 21 then by laws of proxy or some shit Wisconsin should easily beat NW by more than 24 points rights?

That’s it folks. It’s a threefor kinda weekend. Avoid all the rest and listen to the best.

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