Oh So Now Everyone is On LaMelo’s Balls

Sir LaMelo of the Family Ball is currently plying his trade down under in the Land of Oz and so far things are going exactly THE OPPOSITE of how everyone predicted.

Yeah Melo is actually balling.

Big shocker huh?

Listen the Lil’ Dogg isn’t going to do a victory lap here yet but this pup will say that obviously it was pretty ridiculous to write off this kid when he basically stopped playing competitive basketball in his Junior year of high school. Sure for most that would be a nail in the coffin. But we are talking about the Ball Family here so…

Also the kid is now like 6-7 and filled out. He’s not a 15 yr old string bean anymore. You had to know by the size of his brothers what you were potentially going to have at 20.

At least some are stepping up with the full mea culpa.

Good on the Bald One owning up and delivering the following:

Who coulda guessed that getting 5,000 miles of ocean between LaMelo and Papa Ball would work wonders….

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