Tankin’ for Blanken(ship)

Patriots Nation! We have a crisis on our hands.

Listen folks we all know that’s it

until the day we die but sometimes the Sons of Belichick need to rise up and tell the Dear Leader That enough is enough.

Hey Ho! Hey Ho! Gostkowski’s Got to Go!

Stephen Gostgowski has now missed how many extra points??????

1 is too much. And more than 1 is just plain unacceptable.

Where is the leadership Bill?

There is only one answer to this crisis and his name is Rodrigo.

Georgia kicker Rodrigo Blankenship is a GD STUD!

Look at this gawd:

If the Patriots do not use a first round pick on this muthafugga from UGA then we as a Patriots Nation MUST start to question whether the decision makers in New England are really fit for the job.

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