I have a new enemy, and it’s something called Fleabag.

After the NFL snoozefest wrapped up yesterday- seriously, there are like 2 good teams and everything else is garbage- much to my shock, the Emmy’s were on.

This was a total surprise. I mean, you’d think a television awards show would spend some dough on television commercials, maybe let us know it was coming. But far be it from me to give advice to the Emmys, an event so impactful, that many of the very shows up for awards run new episodes against the telecast. Re-runs? Why, it’s just the fucking Emmy’s.

Right off the bat, the event is host-less, cuz, ya know, Twitter. Strangely though, the show is basically exactly the same, thus proving, unless it’s Ricky Gervais (or Billy Crystal in 1988) hosts are meaningless.

But enough about hosts, I’m here for one thing, and one thing alone…to witness history. As we’ve covered before, Julia Louis-Dreyfus aka The Most Successful Television Actor of All Time, came into last night with a chance to break the All Time record for acting Emmy’s, with her NINTH, to finally beat out arch-enemy Cloris Leachman. And it looked like it would happen. Veep is a top 5 comedy of the last 30 years, and just finished its run earlier this year…figured they’d win best series, and she’d easily take home the Best Actress, right????

Nope. Something called a Fleabag won both categories. FLEABAG? What the hell is Fleabag? 


Judging by what I could piece together during the Emmy’s it’s apparently a show about an alarmingly tall millennial, inexplicably named Fleabag, and her (mis)adventures in the London dating scene.

That’s not a show…that’s a freaking romcom.

Look, I applaud Fleabag er, Phoebe Waller- Whatever, who apparently created, writes, produces, stars in, and probably caters the show. I’m sure she’s a very brilliant, talented, and lovely woman, who has earned success…but, SHE’S GONNA DE-THRONE JLD!?!?!

Maybe the show is great, I don’t know, there is somewhere less than 3% chance I ever watch it. But, couldn’t they hold off giving her the award until the next season of her show? Or whatever happened to the good old days, when British television didn’t receive any love until Americans stole their show and remade it?

Hot damn was I pissed last night when the Queen left trophy-less. I guess I’ll just have to wait for JLD’s next project, and subsequent string of Emmy nominations, to see her finally beat out that hack Leachman. Until then, FLEABAG is an official enemy of HTTA!


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