Time to Cut @AB84 Loose. If you disagree, you’re an Idiot. Here’s Why.

You’ve probably seen the latest in the Antonio Brown saga, but in case you haven’t:

Bottom line is, a woman said he exposed himself to her in a super creepy manner. Now, he’s telling his “guys” to look into her, implies she’s making shit up because she’s broke, includes a picture of her kids on the text…. which you- and thousands of idiots and Patriots Honks- could argue is just a guy who feels wrongly accused (yet again) defending himself. Except, get this, SHE WAS INCLUDED ON THE TEXT CHAIN.

Why is she included on the text, if it’s not meant to “intimidate” her, or shut her up???

An argument I’ve seen, and had thrown at me, is that the texts aren’t intimidating…they don’t say anything to indicate she’s in danger. Well, I’ve never intimidated a witness, but I have watched a lot of Law & Order, Soprano’s and The Wire, and I can safely say the template below has played out ZERO times in history:

Intimidating text.jpg

That’s not how it is. It’s always subtle. In this case, Brown isn’t a gang member so he handles it by instructing his lackeys and attorneys- the latter of which he apparently requires many- to look into this woman. I mean, that’s LITERALLY what fucking Deniro said to Gaylord Faulker. And you cannot tell me he wasn’t trying to intimidate him.


Another defense is that he didn’t know she was on the text chain. So, he started a text chain for the sole purposes of discussing discrediting someone who recently accused him of something, and accidentally INCLUDED THE SUBJECT ON THE TEXT CHAIN??? I know this guy is a world class moron, but that is a level of spin that goes way beyond “Deflator is a nickname for the guy because he lost a lot of weight”. Sorry…if you buy that, you’re a freaking moron.

One final argument I got from a particular idiot was “Well, he had his lawyer on the text, so obviously that was to show he wasn’t intimidating her”. Ummm….nope. First off, you can’t try and assign any type of logic to AB…he’s among the biggest morons I’ve ever seen. Secondly, wouldn’t every criminal just brng an attorney with them all the time if this were a valid loophole. “Clearly I didn’t do it, my attorney was there”. Also, for his part, the attorney said he didn’t advise the texts, and reacted with “you notice I didn’t respond”. So even his own attorney thinks this was a terrible idea, but “Bernie” in his Patriots’ footy pajamas can’t grasp that concept.

I made this arguement to Bernie and his retort was a thought provoking barrage of “toolbag” “dispshit” and the icing on the cake “find a new team to root for”. Hard to argue with those comebacks. To his credit, Bernie did spell most words correctly, so he’s more intelligent than AB, but I think it’s safe to say Mensa isn’t knocking down Bruce’s door. Sorry, Bernie. Bruce just sounds like a better name for him. Ya’ know…one syllable.

The worst part about this, honestly, is that he’s doing this with all of the other attention that’s on him right now. Clearly he’s an idiot incapable of making good decisions, and this fits a pattern of self-destruction he’s exhibited over the past two years. So I frankly don’t care if the civil case is legit or not, or any of these allegations are true (the more he does, the more I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE HE DID ALL THAT SHIT). He’s obviously just headed for a meltdown that if I’m the Patriots, I just don’t need around my championship caliber squad. This isn’t about innocence or guilt, it’s about the guy being too much trouble.

In the immortal words of Timothy Olyphant, you better make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.


NO…Antonio…don’t squeeze that! That’s not what we were saying…oh god…here we go again.

Anyway…CUT THIS IDIOT NOW. GET RID OF HIM. THEY DON’T NEED HIM TO WIN, AND HE’S NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. It’s amazing to me how many people bitch and whine about the Patriots “getting shit on” all the time, and then they’ll dig in on an issue like this, where they are being RIGHTFULLY criticized.

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