Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 4 featuring The Promise

Week 3 was a rough weekend folks, no two ways around it.

1-3 is just plain unacceptable and this is all Hi-Top Bets will say on the matter:

Season Record – 9-3

Week 4

Lil’ Dogg Special

LSU -24 at Vandy

The Tigers are averaging 55 points a game with a 40 point win differential. Also Vandy stinks.

Le Cap Lock of the Week

UM at Wisconsin – 3.5

According to Cap the Wolverines “stink”. Take this 🔒 to the 🏦.

One We Agree On

UCF -10.5 at Pitt

Our second promise is to never not bet UCF. Gabriel is the Real Deal Holyfield at QB for the Knights. Knew we shoulda taken them last week. Also I Double Dogg Dare Pitt to beat us two weeks in a row.

Game of the Week

Notre Dame at Georgia -14.5

Two storied programs both undefeated both in the Top 10. Yes the season is still young but let’s face it, this a make it or break it game for both teams. What we have here is basically a playoff game to see who is going to have a shot at the 4th post season slot.

The Pick – The Irish

If ND can’t stay within two touchdowns as a Top 10 ranked team then they really need to be kicked out of college football.

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